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Finding the right Horse Cover for your horse

HorseSports stock a comprehensive range of horse blankets, canvas covers and show rugs.  We stock summer horse covers including summer turnout rugs, cotton sheets, waterproof synthetic horse rugs, ...

Mud fever treatments and natural remedies

As with many equine health issues, prevention of mud fever is the best cure! How do I care for a horse with mud fever? It is vital to clean the legs, softening the mud fever scabs that may have for...

HorseSports winter horse covers on sale online now

Keep your horses' condition with quality winter horse rugs Synthetic winter horse covers on Sale Synthetic horse covers offer fantastic waterproofing and warmth. With considerable time and effort s...

The inside word on the importance of horse boots

Horses work hard, and their legs take incredible strain. Although they can bear a huge amount of weight and directional stresses, a horse’s wonderful legs are agile and allow a horse to move nimbly...

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