Zandona King Carbon Air Rear Tendon Boots

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Zandona King Carbon Air Rear Tendon Boots for Dressage Horses

The 100% Italian made KING CARBON AIR Dressage Boots are designed to support and protect the tendons of dressage horses from impact and bruises around the fetlock and cannon. These dressage boots are equipped with a revolutionary locking system that facilitates the positioning of the horse boot on the leg, providing more support than conventional boots, as well as perfect adaptability and stability. 

With an external TPU structure of differentiated thickness, the boots release moisture and heat thanks to perforated neoprene and six Air-Vents located over the fetlock. Gel-Tech areas between the external TPU structure and the neoprene support work as shock absorber and provides comfortable padding.

Carbon Fibre inside the TPU outer thermally insulates the joints from heat generated by external friction, while increasing structural resistance to impacts. A flex-zone has been created close to the pastern to provide maximum freedom of movement to the horse’s limb. 

The elastic straps have a quick-release-tip and provide a very secure closure, with a double locking fastening system (horizontal/vertical).  The dimension and ergonomic shape of these fetlock boots have been developed to accurately mimic the limb structure, guaranteeing a perfect boot position without any kind of stress.

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