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Balanced Saddle Fitting dedicated saddle fitting service from HorseSports, providing sound saddle solutions for you & your horse

At Balanced Saddle Fitting we believe that in asking our horses to perform to the best of their ability as athletes, a correctly fitting saddle and a balanced rider are essential. Providing optimum comfort for your horse will enhance willingness to perform.

A well-fitting saddle can be a key success factor in many riding partnerships, whilst a badly fitting saddle can be extremely damaging to the horse. The advice and assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced saddle fitter is essential.

In the case that your saddle is not ideal for your horse, Chris from Balanced Saddle Fitting will talk you through your options; from what alterations can be made to your existing saddle or what new saddle options could work for both the horse and rider combination. As an experienced saddle fitter, Chris can refit, re-flock and resize most saddle brands. Re-flocking and repacking will be carried out at time of the saddle fitting appointment where possible.

Balanced Saddle Fitting can also give in depth advice on buying a new saddle, or placing an order for a fully customised saddle. Balanced Saddle Fitting are NZ agents for Albion and Erreplus saddles, but our saddle fitter Chris will recommend the best brand and model of saddle for you and your horse, every time. 

Book a time to go through options which will suit you and your horse with our saddle fitter Chris – even if you have had a saddle fitting done for your horse in the past, it is worthwhile re-checking your saddle fit, as the saddle’s packing may have settled; or your horse’s shape and muscling may have changed with work or as they grow and mature.

Balanced Saddle Fitting Services

  • Saddle Fit Assessment: saddle suitability assessment for both Horse and Rider

  • Saddle Recommendations and/or Refitting your existing saddle

  • Repacking: from a light re-flock to a full repack

  • Gullet Changes: catering to most saddle brands including hot and cold machine press

  • Saddle repairs: general saddlery work

NOW is the ideal time to address your saddle fitting concerns with Balanced Saddle Fitting.

There is never a better time to book an assessment with our saddle fitter, to ensure that your horse and you are comfortable, and capable of your best performance.

Book a saddle fitting for your horse with Saddle Fitter Chris Barnett

Contact Horsesports (09) 2696518 or email to talk to us about your requirements, your horse, and book a time for your saddle fitting with Chris Barnett.  

About Chris Barnett – Saddle fitter & working saddler

As one of New Zealand’s leading saddle fitters Chris has over 15 years’ experience as a professional Saddle Fitter. Chris’s approach is that riding is a partnership between horse and rider, with the saddle the connection between the two, and it is critical that both are totally comfortable to allow them to perform to their best. Chris is recognised as being able to achieve excellent results for horse and rider through his attention to detail, working with both the balance of the rider and the wellbeing of the horse.

Chris travels to  Australia & Europe to stay on top of evolving saddle technology and saddle fitting research. Chris has trained internationally with Albion, Erreplus, Amerigo, Bates and Wintec.

Balanced Saddle Fitting is proud to stock some of the world’s leading saddle brands and whilst Chris consults on saddle buying as well as saddle fitting, he understands every horse and rider combination is unique and always works with an open mind with his saddle recommendations.  

A horseman since he was just seven years old, Chris qualified in Advanced Equine Studies, and has been involved in the equine industry all his working life. Chris competed in ESNZ Showjumping and enjoyed his time as a registered show jump course builder.  Now only riding occasionally to help his wife exercise their dressage horses, his main equestrian focus and passion is saddle fitting.

Book a visit from saddle fitter Christ Barnett

Contact Horsesports (09) 2696518 or email to talk to us about your requirements, your horse, and book a time for your saddle fitting with Chris Barnett.